Harry Reid brings up Koch brothers. AGAIN.

Pro-tip for Democrats: when Politico casually mocks your favorite rhetorical flourish, it’s pretty bad.

Responding to the [McCuthcheon v. FCC] decision, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) invoked his favorite boogeymen: the Koch brothers.

“The Supreme Court today just accentuated what they did on Citizens United, which is a decision that is one of the worst decisions in the history of that court,” Reid said during a press conference on raising the minimum wage. “All it does is take away people’s rights because, as you know, the Koch brothers are trying to buy America.”

Bolding mine.  It is a measure of just how surreal the whole situation is that most people still weren’t ready to immediately believe that Harry Reid would start babbling about the Koch brothers buying America*. If you are a Reid staffer, take my sincere advice: get your boss to his doctor for a check-up.  Fast.


Moe Lane

*Almost a shame that they won’t; God knows nobody in the Democratic party apparently knows how to do a budget properly.


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