Trey Gowdy does a mike drop on media over Benghazi.

[UPDATE] This is actually from last year. Which tells me something important: John Boehner is taking this issue seriously, because he picked precisely the right person for the job.

Oh, Trey Gowdy’s gonna work out just fine, here. Short version: it’s three and a half minutes of the man listing every question that the media should have been asking – honestly, truly asking – yet did not. To paraphrase CS Lewis: you will not find a dull moment in this.




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10 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy does a mike drop on media over Benghazi.”

  1. “…I’m just surprised at how many people bought it.”
    I’m not, because they didn’t “buy” it. ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/NYTimes willingly covered for the Obama administration.

    1. “Dead ambassador” used to mean something…so did “dead american”.
      That so many of my alleged fellow citizens are sufficiently incurious, sufficiently willing to take *on secular faith* that the media is telling the truth and getting it right is …
      Yeah, depressed now.

  2. If the Media had shame, they might have been stirred into action by that. Of course, they have none.

  3. Question.
    The media, having encased the lede in lead, and buried it 40′ down in a concrete dodecahedron under the foundations of some new skyscraper, are going to cover Gowdy ..

  4. It’s not a matter of shaming the truth out of the media anymore, that ship has sailed. Now that the MSM is totally leftist and have a vested interest in “transforming” America into some bizarre vision of communism/socialism/fascism…oops, meant “utopia,” they’re not going to change. Rampant Anti-Americanism is the title of their playbook, and that’s how they swing.

  5. I’m surprised there is one he missed: Where was the President and the Secretary of State at the time of the incident seeing as neither one was in the situation room?

  6. So he was this pissed last year? Imagine the way he is going to go after this with another year of stone walling and another year of the media with their thumbs up their butts.

  7. The fact the media isn’t willing to hold this President or his administration accountable for much of anything, is why I have next to no trust in our government currently.

    I trusted our government when Bush was in office for a simple reason, the media was more than willing to hold Bush accountable for things that his administration did wrong (whether on accident or otherwise (and they tended to try to portray things as intentional when they weren’t).

    The fact the media isn’t willing to hold Obama’s Administration to account, means they are likely to abuse the power of government more and more, getting bolder and more egregious in their abuses of power with each new instance of them getting away it.

    This is something that I’ve found quite a few Conservatives have failed to grasp, have any called me all kinds of things over my position on this. Fact of the matter is, I’m not a Ron or Rand Paul supporter, I’m not a Libertarian, or a conspiracy theorist, I’m a Conservative (I have been practically all my life). The thing that largely turned me off to the Democrat Party was the Clinton Presidency (for a number of reasons that I won’t get into).

    What I am is someone whom took a lot of history courses in college, someone that actually paid attention (I actually approached a Professor about a book she used as required reading that we had to right something about, and showed her that the author may have had a conflict of interest which caused them to lean one way, which I said was okay, but she needed one that looked at the other side). In any event, from looking at history it is obvious why people should be worried.

    Historically, when people are allowed to abuse power and those that are supposed to stand up and hold that person to account refuse to do so, it emboldens those individuals to abuse their power more and more. That’s why the Obama Administration and Democrats are so obsessed with Fox News, Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. because they are the last major voices willing to stand up and object.

    We have to win the Senate in 2014, and we have to elect Senators and Representatives willing to take stands, even if the media is shilling for the Democrats. They need to have the courage and backbone not to cave.

    Finally, when fellow Conservatives disagree with each other, we have to be able and willing to discuss things in a civil manner, instead of doing the left’s work for them by fighting with each other. I’ve found it is possible to get liberals to change their stance on things if you talk to them reasonably in 1 on 1 conversations (assuming they aren’t the die-hard far left category). In the case of Conservatives disagreeing with each other, we tend to think things through, so we should be able to talk about how we arrived at different conclusions, not get all emotional about an issue without looking at logic.

    I’m glad Rep. Gowdy is heading up the Benghazi hearings, because he’s going to want to get to the facts, not turn things emotional arguments where nothing gets accomplished.

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