Updated the Webcomics page.

The request was made, and I’m honestly not that interested in doing anything more strenuous today than frying up that turkey skin.  Which I did, with salt and butter.  And it was good.  So I updated the page.

OK, that made more sense in my head.

One thought on “Updated the Webcomics page.”

  1. Let’s critique Moe’s taste in webcomics!

    Aw. Sluggy Freelance disappears again…

    Bad Machinery: John Allison has been batting a thousand since Bobbins. Read all his stuff. Yes, he’s British. Don’t hold that against him.

    Dresden Codack: So well drawn but so poorly updated. I think Diaz has upped his production schedule to the blinding pace of once a month. Just be sure to avoid his blog and twitter feeds if you don’t enjoy steady streams of SJW agitprop.

    Do-Gooder Press: Nerd comics. Natch. Art is serviceable.

    Erfworld: RTS oriented humor and adventure. Can present the reader with walls of text. Art is better than average, but not particularly remarkable.

    Girl Genius: 100% of the RDA of Phil and Kaja Foglio, which is “as much as you can handle, plus just one more page”. If you

    Grrl Power: I’ll take your word for it as good, but I’ve never been able to get into it. I think I tried to follow it when it was new, but got the feeling it wasn’t my thing. May try it again now that it has a substantial backlog. Generally well drawn.

    Guilded Age: A tabletop gaming story comic by T. Campbell of “Fans” and “Penny and Aggie” fame. If you know what all that means, you should have a good idea if you’ll like this comic. Art has passed through a few different artits.

    Lovecraft is Missing: What it says on the tin. Art is serviceable.

    Manly Guys Doning Manly Things!: Video Games, machismo, family, etc. Funniest if you know the material being riffed, but it still works on an absurdist level if you don’t.

    Order of the Stick: D&D humor. Been around forever. (since `03). Stick figure art (well, stick figure+) works in its favor.

    Schlock Mercenary: SciFi space humor and adventure. Been in production since 2000. Settle in, you’ve got some reading to do. Good stuff, but the backlog can be intimidating. Art is… adequate to the task?

    Skin Horse: Shaenon Garrity’s latest. Never been into her stuff much, but Moe’s a fan so form your own opinions. Art is standard Garrity.

    Something Positive: Cynical and misanthropic comic about a group of friends(?). Read it until you get sick of it and never go back. The boneless cat is cool though.

    Stand Still, Stay Silent: Oozes quality. One of these days I’ll sit down and read it all.

    xkcd: Math and Science humor, with occasional sentimental episodes. Can sometimes grate with thinly masked progressivism, but the rule “If you don’t like today’s comic, try tomorrow’s. You’ll probably like that one.” applies.

    Widdershins!: Don’t have much to say about this one. Looks good, though.

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