Paranoia strikes deep: the Clintons have been paranoid for a long, long time.


Clinton Foundation head Donna Shalala privately expressed concerns about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s mental state in the mid-1990s, saying they had become “paranoid” and fixated on “right-wing conspiracies,” according to previously unpublished audio recordings obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

In 1994, four years before Hillary Clinton said a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was trying to take down her husband’s presidency, top aide Shalala said this theory was already embraced by the Clintons.

And this was from one of her friends. Read the whole article, listen to the whole audio. You’ll hear nothing that you didn’t know already, but it’s nice to get the confirmation. I should also note that if Hillary Clinton has been a functioning paranoid for this long… well.  She’s not going to stop. Assuming that she even can.

Via Hot Air.

8 thoughts on “Paranoia strikes deep: the Clintons have been paranoid for a long, long time.”

  1. Just when I think the Good Lord doesn’t want me to have even more electoral fun….

  2. So Hillary is just as paranoid as Nixon, but without the charm, intelligence, and competence.

    1. No, Hillary is as paranoid as they made out Nixon to be. Press never forgave Nixon for getting Alger Hiss, and they are still lying about him…..

      1. I was going for the joke. And then why Nixon, even now, would be a much better president.


        (Personally, I would like Eisenhower – good old ‘genial’ Ike – who had a low tolerance for B.S. and could scare the jodhpurs off of George Patton.)

  3. How paranoid of the right can she be when she keeps a friends and enemies list for people in her own party?

      1. If you are paranoid enough they will actually be out to get you – for their own sakes.

      2. Never heard of HRC keeping tabs on individual conservatives, but she does it for Dems, I have to question who she’s really worried about. Misdirection is an art form.

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