In Nomine Revisited: Secret Societies in Alpha Complex.

Secret Societies in Alpha Complex

Or, “Why Secret Societies are not the answer, either.”

Many Demon Princes have infiltrated Alpha Complex, of course. They send in their spies, who develop their own organizations inside the Principality, hoping to quietly take control through influence and corruption. Gee, I wonder what the Computer might call groups of Commie Mutant Traitors who were formally plotting in secret to bend society to their will?

That’s right: Secret Societies, just like in the original game.  And just like in the original game, Secret Societies are largely useless!  For their members, at least. Demon Princes and GMs alike will find them very useful when it comes to causing problems.

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In Nomine Revisited: The Principality of Alpha Complex.

I wrote up Paranoia old school Paranoia — for In Nomine once, and now I have the files again. I’ll be putting up the stuff that I did back then over the next few days. It needs… a little tightening up, honestly. Sometimes I can get away with proof-reading, sometimes I need to do a bit more. This is a ‘bit more’ kind of situation.

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How do I feel about this Paranoia video game?

I’m not sure.

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The ‘Oldest School’ Paranoia Bundle of Holding.

This Bundle of Holding is for 1st and 2nd edition Paranoia.  This is the stuff I remember from college and high school; it’s really old.  Staples-in-the-books old.  But it’s good!

Moe Lane

PS: there is one flaw in the description, though: it shamefully undervalues the importance of The YELLOW Clearance Black Box BluesSome of John M. Ford’s best work is in that supplement. And yes, that’s a tall bar to clear.

In the Mail: Paranoia: Ultraviolet edition.

There’s no picture because Paranoia: Ultraviolet Edition comes in a white box with white inlay… which means that taking a picture of it would be an exercise in frustration.  Which is, hey, an excellent descriptor for Ultraviolet-clearance citizens generally.  Anyway, if you were in on that Kickstarter then expect your game to show up soon.

One warning, though: the books are a good deal smaller than I was expecting. Something like 6 inches by 9 inches. It’s not bad, merely surprising.

Clinton campaign frightened of anonymous sting operations.

They’re everywhere, you know. Lurking. Lurking: “Hillary Clinton’s campaign is on high alert for a possible undercover sting, after several women reportedly tried to bait volunteers into breaking federal election law, according to Time.” Hot Air has more, with the caveat that they don’t really think that stuff like this does anything. Au contraire, says I: it does one very useful thing. To wit, it makes the top of a campaign nicely paranoid about whether the people at the bottom of a campaign are about to go do something stupid, like break laws in the candidate’s name.

This is usually a reasonably realistic fear – or at least one that’s not completely implausible. Now imagine what it must be like to know that there’s somebody out there trying to provoke abject stupidity at your expense, instead of just waiting for some to erupt on its own. I imagine that it’s not a pleasant experience…

Paranoia strikes deep: the Clintons have been paranoid for a long, long time.


Clinton Foundation head Donna Shalala privately expressed concerns about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s mental state in the mid-1990s, saying they had become “paranoid” and fixated on “right-wing conspiracies,” according to previously unpublished audio recordings obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

In 1994, four years before Hillary Clinton said a “vast right-wing conspiracy” was trying to take down her husband’s presidency, top aide Shalala said this theory was already embraced by the Clintons.

And this was from one of her friends. Read the whole article, listen to the whole audio. You’ll hear nothing that you didn’t know already, but it’s nice to get the confirmation. I should also note that if Hillary Clinton has been a functioning paranoid for this long… well.  She’s not going to stop. Assuming that she even can.

Via Hot Air.