So apparently the Axanar project DIDN’T have the rights to do a Star Trek movie..

I have to admit: I assumed that they had the rights to do a Star Trek movie. If I had known that they had not, I probably wouldn’t have kicked in money to fund the project. I only say ‘probably’ because I recognize that there are indeed numerous gentleman’s agreements going on out there between studios and fan groups, and that it may have indeed been reasonable for the Axanar project people to assume that CBS and Paramount would green-light their fan movie project.

But CBS and Paramount have not, and Star Trek is in point of fact their intellectual property. My personal opinion on how those companies should exercise their property rights is thus automatically trumped by the opinion of the companies themselves. And I wouldn’t expect this movie to get made any time soon, either…

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know if I’m going to try to get my money back. Doing so may require more effort and lifespan than I’m prepared to spend on the effort. But I’m still not happy.

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  • DemosthenesVW says:

    I would not call myself upset about what CBS and Paramount are choosing to do. When you own a sandbox, you get to decide who plays in it. I don’t think the manner in which they’re doing it, though, is exactly fair.
    And I am ENRAGED by what they have done with those same rights. That last piece of crap, and the trailer for the next one, are enough to make me start muttering intemperate (and incorrect) things about stripping rights for the sake of the fans.

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