Quick note on the DEMOCRATIC primary today in Nevada.

Hillary Clinton should win it. Period. That’s the bright line. It doesn’t really matter if Bernie Sanders gets close; he’d need to win outright for it to matter in the larger meta-narrative.

So if Bernie Sanders does win, it’s big news. If he doesn’t, it’s not.  Simple as that, really.


  • BigGator5 says:

    Should, Can, and Will are three different words. Just saying.

  • Luke says:

    It’s Nevada. Cheating, lying, and graft are considered respectable.
    If Hillary can’t win there with her resume…

  • BJM says:

    According to the NYT: “When it comes to labor powerhouses in Nevada, few organizations quite match the Culinary Workers Union: 57,000 strong, more than 50 percent Latino, with an 80-year history of labor advocacy on the Strip and a record of turning out its members in political campaigns.
    …the union has decided to sit out the Democratic presidential caucuses here on Saturday, setting off a free-for-all for its members and adding to the increasingly tense and unsettled political atmosphere here.”
    That is kind of a big F-deal and might give Bernie the edge.
    But then it’s only Nevada, Jake.

  • jaytrain says:

    So my brother works in the hospitality industry in LV , When Harry Reid was up last for reelection , executives were told they would contribute to his campaign , And they were told to make it clear to the staff that their jobs depended on voting for Harry and that buses would be provided for those who needed a ride to the polls . This was a horse trade around some legislation that the Gaming Industry needed and said legislation went no where after his reelection : they was robbed . Serves them right . Anyway we shall see in the AM who delivers for whom .

    • Dan says:

      They was robbed, huh? Well that does help explain the bicycle, uh, I mean Exercise bands, uh, I mean whatever it was that beat the crap out of Reid.

      • Wombat-socho says:

        The gaming industry is SRS BIDNESS here in Las Vegas; there really isn’t much else in town in the way of business aside from some concrete plants, Nellis AFB, a shitload of retired folks, some hospitals to take care of the aforementioned, and various service industries catering to them. Okay, there’s UNLV and the College of Southern Nevada, which is a community college. But for the most part, what the gaming industry wants, they get, and anybody crossing them would be well advised to relocate.

  • Luke says:

    Looks like Hillary “won” another tie, this time by drawing from a stacked deck, rather than winning an improbable number of coin flips.

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