My RedState post on Sanders voters getting a Wisconsin conservative Supreme Court Justice elected.

Found here. Short version: Enough Sanders voters apparently didn’t bother to vote downticket on Tuesday. And the liberal running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court position paid the price.


  • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

    Maybe they don’t like JoAnne Kloppenburg as much as they say they do.

  • acat says:

    I .. kinda have to give ’em props.
    They didn’t feel qualified enough to vote in the down-ticket so ..
    Voter education has consequences?

  • Brian Swisher says:

    And I find that…frickin’ awesome.

  • Isolden says:

    This is anecdotal. I live in Wisconsin and personally know several liberals that were excited to vote for Bernie, most of them young people who knew nothing of the downticket races. The ballot lists the judge’s names, not their party affiliation, so one would have to know going in which one was the democrat. Incidentally, two of my liberal friends did not want to vote for either Bernie or Hilary and were considering Kasich – take that as you will. I’m just glad Klop went down in flames, for the second time. She is a disaster.

    • techsan says:

      I’m living in Wisconsin too. Spent time with a coworker recently who was feeling the Bern too. Coworker didn’t mind socialism at all. In fact he was ok with national stipend for all as a base. Still. If the vote in November was Hilary vs Kasich he would vote Kasich. I was surprised that a socialist second choice was Kasich.

      • acat says:

        I believe I’ve mentioned before that a feminist attorney acquaintance has described Kasich as “the least reptilian” in the GOP debates ..
        Since she plans (has stated) that she intends to vote her .. nether regions .. I doubt she’d toggle over to Kasich, but .. he has *disturbingly* high positives ..

  • jaytrain says:

    Used to be in NJ and NY where I lived , the League of Women Voters would put together a fairly useful flyer on the ballot , the whole ballot , down to the town clerk and all . With all the $ sloshing around in politics , one would think there would be some for this , but then again it seems that an ignorant electorate better serves them on the inside , especially them incumbents .

  • JEM says:

    And now that the Opposition found a Dane judge to contort himself enough to strike the WI right to work law, the composition of their high court strt

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