Overwatch Trailer: “Alive.”

Dammit, I’m not playing all the games that I have NOW. But they really want me to play this one. Kind of mean of them, really.

4 thoughts on “Overwatch Trailer: “Alive.””

    1. Honestly the best part of that? The shameless clip of the guard playing Hearthstone.

  1. Amusingly, Tracer, the “good guy” character shown in the trailer, was the target of an SJW attack recently. Blizzard drew fire because Tracer had a victory pose that had her looking over the shoulder at the camera while wearing her body-hugging pants. Or in other words, the pose included a nice view of her butt.

    Blizzard responded by removing the victory pose in question… and replacing it with a pose that provides almost as good of a view of her backside, and that bears a strong resemblance to at least one piece of cheesecake pin-up artwork.

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