Adventure/Event Seed: the Chemitron Working.

Blame this.

The Chemitron Working

About the best thing that you can say about the attempt in the 1950s to create a synthetic angel was that… apparently it did not manage to infuriate the Almighty. Whatever the ‘Almighty’ even is, in this context. This is one of the problems with attempting to manipulate forces that operate at a higher level of reality than the level that you’re currently inhabiting: you’re never quite sure whether anything happened.  Well, unless you crack the Earth like an egg, or open a portal to the Universe of the Entropy Shriekers, or something like that. Something obviously happened then.

At any rate: about seventy years or so ago, a bunch of people who Should Have Known Better attempted to synthesize angels for the purposes of industrial alchemy.  Apparently the trouble with using the usual medieval-sourced theurgic rituals and invocations was that they simply were not up to the scale that one would need in this era of mass production and time management.  Presumably – the records are this are scant, for reasons which will be clear in a moment – the people behind the Chemitron Working concluded that this was because the angels being invoked by those rituals were themselves not up to the task, or were uninterested in moving with the times, or were dead because alchemy went through a three century decline, or… the details didn’t matter. What mattered was putting together from raw firmament an angel, or set of angels, that could be induced to watch over alchemical production lines.

And so, the project was spawned, and given the usual blast of concentrated belief from the usual source (a source that is still a mainstay of applied thaumatological engineering to this day, note), and… something happened.  Something reasonably benign – nobody involved in the Working came down with sudden strokes, after all. Something even possibly angelic.  But whatever-it-is that got born in that particular crucible turned out to be distinctly uninterested in participating in mass alchemical production.  

So, what was whatever-it-was interested in?  Covering its tracks, apparently.  Starting about 1970 or so people started noticing that all the records that were generated because of the Chemitron Working had a remarkable tendency to get folded, spindled, mutilated, or simply lost. By now there’s almost no actual paper or photographic trail at all to prove that the Working actually happened.  All of which would be ultimately academic, probably, except: the Chemitron Working did succeed. That means that there’s an actual synthetic angel – if ‘synthetic’ even means anything in this context – that’s now part of the supernatural landscape, and it’s presumably inherently interested in chemistry. This should make a wise person thoughtful.

And an evil one, panicky.