Adventure Seed: Linby Docks Artifact.

Linby Docks Artifact

Widely reported as an embarrassing intelligence failure at the time, the German attack on the “Linby Docks” (two decidedly inland, artificial streams with no maritime or other mundane strategic importance) in World War II was in fact entirely deliberate; and it had nothing to do with the docks.  The Nazis were aiming at the ley lines. Obviously.

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Adventure seed: Altvacs.


‘Altvac’ is short for ‘alternate vacation.’  It’s one of the things that you get when the concept of alternate timelines is first finally proven, then commercialized:  people go find a timeline where they exist, only in a different life, and then they and their alternate selves swap timelines for a week or two.  It’s considered rude to not tell anybody that you’re temporarily living your alternate self’s life, but it often happens, which can lead to some very interesting social situations.  At least one media company films the most entertaining ones, for later commercial use.

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Adventure Seed: Time Intervention File #1599-SHA-COMM.

This came to me in a dream while I was napping after a combination hot tub / wet sauna / tropical shower at the spa (and damned if I didn’t need all of that, too). I then came back home, wrote it all down, and then hit Publish before I came to my senses. Because, really, this is awful. Too awful not to share.

Time Intervention File #1599-SHA-COMM

Good morning, team.  The text that you are about to read showed up this morning in an authenticated, pre-First Folio 1602 AD copy of The Merry Wives of Windsor.  Before anybody asks: yes, it absolutely is real.  Well, real now.

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Adventure Seed: Wanderwar.


Well. You can bring the orcs, ogres, goblins, hobgoblins, and even the more reasonable sorts of giants firmly into the benevolent grip of civilization.  You can even install their most prominent families firmly into the local aristocratic and other power structures. But the, ah, Vigorous Races will still have their little ways.

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Adventure Seed: Hearthfire Agricultural Genetic Solutions.

Hearthfire Agricultural Genetic Solutions

Background: Hearthfire Agricultural Genetic Solutions is a biotech corporation operating primarily in the United States and Canada, with offices in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Chile.  It specializes in practical, low-level applications of past biological discoveries after the patents run out (or become available). To give one example: Hearthfire would not have been involved in the creation of something like Golden Rice, but the company would be actively trying to make a variant of the finished product that would be available to as many people as possible, and as widely as possible.  

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Adventure Seed: Wars of the Clouds.

Wars of the Clouds

Wherever a storm rages, so does a war.

There are billions upon billions of water-sprites in our atmosphere; sapient, almost entirely unaware of our lives and we of theirs, and busy with their own affairs and conflicts.  Some of their sages are aware that things have been seen in the cloud-world, over the last century; those sages have generally kept silent on the subject, because the things cannot be countered or even affected, so knowledge of the things would do more harm than good.  Besides, there are other things to focus the attention of water-spirits, such as their constant state of war.

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