Item Seed: Spirit Infusion.

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Spirit Infusion

Creating a Spirit Infusion is relatively easy, or at least not very involved: collect rainwater in a clean gallon container.   Wait for a ghost to drown in it.  They will, if you wait long enough, and maybe entice them with ghost-attracting smells or sounds (specific ghost attractions vary by culture and campaign).  You’ll know when you have a ghost drowned in your water when you look at your container using an Icelandic sunstone and see the distinctive greenish-purple glow.  

Once you have a drowned ghost, stir vigorously while mixing in raw sugar until the sugar reaches saturation point and then decant the water into bottles.  One ghost and one gallon can be broken down into four quarts and still retain its virtue.  Do NOT heat the mixture at any point!  Once made, refrigerate immediately; a Spirit Infusion has a shelf life of about two weeks, even with refrigeration, so once you make one you should plan to use it quickly.

Spirit Infusions are used for mental and spiritual healing: they are excellent purges for lingering curses, maledictions, magical poisons, and imposed insanities.  They also encourage a full night’s rest for anyone affected by the previous list of conditions.  If taken by a person not under supernatural or occult attack, drinking a Spirit Infusion before bed produces vivid, and possibly relevant, symbolic dreams.  They also provide an unique kick to a rather infamous Mojito that’s served at only the fanciest occult bars…

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