GURPS Martial Arts: Shadow-Boxing [GURPS]


Shadow-Boxing (10pt)

More accurately this should be called ‘Shadow-Karate,’ but why waste such a perfect opportunity for a joke?  This martial art is taught in worlds where spirits are both real, and possess the capacity to do men harm.  It also assumes that restless ghosts and specters can be laid to rest, or at least made substantial enough to hurt.

Not that this is not a ‘power’ style; Shadow-Boxing in fact teaches how to avoid getting hit, or even touched. Ideally, the adept will evade all attacks until he has prepared something that will target that particular ghost: once that occurs, the martial artist uses specialized cords, nets, and wands to permanently bind the spirit, or simply exorcise it. Note, though, that the basic combat skills work perfectly well on tangible opponents, too.

The cinematic version of this style easily supports the use of Gizmos in the form of specific anti-spirit concoctions. Also: the Optional Skills reflect the true adept’s ability to banish ghosts without ever fighting one.  The very best at Shadow-Boxing are reputedly able to exorcise ghosts by simply glaring at one until it decides to go somewhere else…

Skills: Acrobatics, Fast-Draw (Stone), Jumping, Karate, Knot-Tying, Net, Occultism (Pneumatology), Shortsword, Throwing

Maneuvers: Breakfall, Evade, Retain Weapon (Shortsword)

Cinematic Skills: Mental Strength, Throwing Art

Cinematic Maneuvers: Binding, Timed Defense (Dodge)

Optional Skills: Exorcism, Intimidation, Savoir-Faire (Supernatural Creatures)

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