New Fallout 4 content!

…For Minecraft: …Minecraft is adding a Fallout 4 mash up pack to consoles “soon”. The details mention “the coming days” so you probably won’t be waiting too long for the, wait for it, ablockalypse.”  Fortunately or unfortunately as you might see it, that’s apparently just for consoles. Those of us with Minecraft on the PC aren’t getting this one.  I think.

More importantly: no real news on a new Fallout or Elder Scrolls. As for the latter… I want me some Steampunk. And the Dwemer coming back.  And maybe a pony.

2 thoughts on “New Fallout 4 content!”

  1. At some point in the Elder Scrolls series, they have to get into the missing Dwarves, right? or did they do that in the earlier games before I got in with Oblivion?

    1. The Dwarves all turned themselves to stone and went deep underground to fight the Elder Dragons. No, wait, that’s Guild Wars 2.

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