In Nomine Revisited: The Alkahest Projector.

I’m pulling this one from the archives because I saw this on Twitter this morning, and I said chlorine trifluoride without looking. And lo! It was.  …Chlorine Trifluoride is fascinating stuff, really.  It’s like a critical success on your Chemistry roll… or possibly a critical failure.  Or, insanely: both.


The Alkahest Projector [10pt]

Because in 1008 AD they didn’t really have “pistols” or “muskets,” that’s why.  They still had to call it something.

The workmanship is clearly Creationist; there are seven Alkahest Projectors whose whereabouts are still known, and they all somehow manage to simultaneously look identical to, and completely distinguishable from, each other.  The basic form is that of a crossbow, with a thick tube filling the slot where the quarrel would normally go, and a vestigial bow (more meant as a rough sight than as anything else).  Firing was accomplished by grasping the stock and willing activation; pulling the fake trigger actually disabled the weapon until the proper mental command was given.

This was deemed necessary because the Alkahest Projector was precisely that; a weapon that shot “universal solvent.”  The phrase is in quotes because the Projector didn’t actually create some sort of mystical substance that could dissolve anything.  Such a thing would be absurd.  What it actually creates and shoots is chlorine trifluoride, which is a perfectly-explicable colorless, poisonous liquid capable of setting water on fire, let alone sand.  This is apparently done by a variant of Creation’s Abracadabra attunement, which has been — somehow — imbued into the Projector.  Successful attacks require a successful Ranged Weapon (Crossbow) roll.

Damage done by this artifact is… tricky.  Again anything corporeal, don’t bother to roll damage.  If it hits, it’s an instant kill, followed by spontaneous combustion, and probably a hole in the ground.  Against anything in a vessel, note the CD of the skill roll, and reduce the level of the vessel by that much.  Protection is irrelevant, as is anything up to (but not quite including) the Corporeal Song of Shields.  


If a successful attack reduces the level of the vessel to 0, then the vessel is destroyed.  Even if it doesn’t, the vessel’s Charisma immediately goes down to -2, reflecting the large gaping holes burned through the victim.  The Corporeal Song of Healing will fix the cosmetic aspects of this relic, but will not return lost vessel-levels.  Lastly, while the artifact is designed to create miraculously unstable chlorine trifluoride molecules, there’s just enough lag time to justify 6 dice of explosive damage, centered on the target (but not including it – or, rather, it’s already factored in).

The Alkahest Projector is an excellent example of an artifact that has pretty much had its day.  The only reason that Eli, Archangel of Creation even created the blessed things was because he was fairly certain that his Servitors might soon need to be able to inflict damage that even Legion, Renegade Shedite Prince of Corruption would not be able to ignore… and he turned out to be completely correct.  After the Legion Incident ended, one went up in the wall in Eli’s Cathedral, one went into Lightning’s Museum, a third took its place in Laurence’s Hall of Weapons, and a few more stayed in utterly reliable hands; the rest were promptly recycled.  


It’s easy to see why: by modern standards Projectors are loud, Essence-hungry, short-ranged, unsubtle, and generate clouds of hydrofluoric acid as a by-product.  No sane angel would want one of those around.  No sane demon (or even Habbalite) would, either; Vapula, Demon Prince of Technology in fact does have one, but it’s just for looking at.  There are a lot easier ways to kill things.

Still.  The first time Legion got hit with one of these things, it blinked.  As in, “every vessel blinked.”  That’s something worth respecting.


Alkahest Projector

Power: Special

Acc: 0

Range: 20

Shots: 1 per Essence spent (capacity: 1)


Variant of the Abracadabra Attunement                 10pt

Activation Cost: 1 second, silent                            +1pt

Use Restriction: Mental command                         +0pt

Visibility: Automatically Detectable                    -3pt

Final Cost:                                                      8pt


The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the In Nomine and GURPS systems from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.
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  • JAB says:

    Reacts with asbestos tiles is just a bad sign.

  • Kelly Pedersen says:

    Hi, Moe! I’m a long-time reader. I’m replying to this post because it’s In Nomine related. Over on the RPG.net forums, we were having a discussion of In Nomine-related materials, and in the process, noticed that your old site seems to be down. Is this intentional, or did it happen to lapse without you realizing?

    I’m hoping the material is at least available somewhere (we were using the Wayback Machine, but that’s inconvenient and not particularly comprehensive), because there’s a lot of good stuff that you wrote that would be a shame to lose!

    • Moe_Lane says:

      The old Stormloader site has collapsed, and I would love to get it back up again, except that nobody at Stormloader seems to, well, exist at the moment. I can still get into my Stormloader site archives and download each file. One file at a time.

      Yes, this is incredibly frustrating. 🙁

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