CBS/Paramount settles on Axanar lawsuit.

Executive summary: the Axanar people admitted that they didn’t have permission, that they violated copyright rules, that they’re going to make significant changes to Axanar, and that all future shows that they do will conform to CBS/Paramount’s ‘Guidelines for Fan Films.’

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: the Axanar folks got lucky, here.  They were on track to getting hammered over copyright violations, and – speaking as somebody who put up money for the Axanar project – that would have been a legitimate result.  Fortunately for everybody concerned, CBS/Paramount doesn’t really want to get all up in a nasty court battle with its own fan base when they’re got Star Trek movies and TV shows in the pipeline.  So, they settled. Everybody can take a sigh of relief.

And maybe don’t play so close to the edge next time, OK?