Adventure Seed: Operation XYLOPHONE PETUNIA.

Operation XYLOPHONE PETUNIA – Google Docs


Your two-minute background briefing: in 1965 a satellite designated LES1 (Lincoln Experimental Satellite) was launched, ostensibly to place it in an elliptical orbit around the Earth.  It instead went into circular orbit, reportedly provided good data anyway, then ‘died’ after a couple of years.  Fast forward to 2013, when a British amateur radio astronomer detected renewed transmissions coming from LES1, apparently due to a complicated set of conditions on the derelict satellite.

It was then the Institute began Operation XYLOPHONE PETUNIA, of course.  While the satellite itself had all the esoteric signature of a rock — and not a really mystically significant rock, either — it absolutely looked like a clandestine metaphysical operation. And there’s nothing for cleaning out occult moles like a good, juicy clandestine metaphysical operation. Indeed, this particular operation managed to bag an entire espionage cell for turning and disinformation campaign purposes.  It was one of the best counter-intelligence operations of the last decade, honestly.
And now everyone involved in that operation — both spies and counterspies — is gone. Not just vanished, not just dead: gone. They’re already effectively unpersons to the Outer Masses; it’s only because of portable reality stabilizers that anybody Illuminated still remembers that there was an Operation XYLOPHONE PETUNIA in the first place.  This is not acceptable, and it’s your team’s job to resolve unacceptable situations, so go forth and find out how this happened, why it happened, and, well, whether we’d want to retroactively and tacitly accept the situation as a fait accompli.  People typically don’t do this sort of thing without a reason, after all.

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