Webcomics page: updated!

And how very exciting that news is, I’m sure.  Don’t mind me: I had a ridiculously late night last night. Sufficiently so that I’m half-debating not staying up until midnight, when Mass Effect: Andromeda presumably drops.  Yes, I’m that tired.

4 thoughts on “Webcomics page: updated!”

  1. How many of these do you still read regularly? I drifted away from many of my old favorites. Dresden Codak’s update schedule and trending towards mary-sue power fantasy drove me off (yeah, the author is kind of a douche, but I *try* not to let that bother me). Megatokyo continues on its snails pace and lack of art progression. Dominic Deegan completed and on reflection was not that good (but hey, it kept me reading for years so there must have been something there). Still read Sluggy, but man, I pity someone trying to get up to speed nowadays.

  2. I am curious how you find ME: Andromeda. It’s general reception has been… mixed. As someone in the industry, the animation and human facial modeling in it just leaves me gobsmacked. How EA let a flagship title ship with those issues doesn’t bode well, is beyond me.

    1. SJW Converged.
      It says something that the most well known members of the development team are known more for their hatred of straight white men than anything having to do with games.
      On the bright side, it looks like EA cleaned house recently. They might have excised the cancer. Possibly even stamped down on elements that would have pissed off a good number of fans before it went gold. We’ll see. (And by “we”, I mean Moe. I don’t feel any urgency in getting this one. And the early footage sure isn’t making me reconsider!)

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