Hey, you playing Conan Exiles?

…Technically, I still am; which is to say, I was, and in a month I probably will be again, as soon as I go and finish saving ANOTHER galaxy from having to do its own fetch quests. But for right now I’m playing Mass Effect. Which is a shame, because Conan Exiles is offering a bounty on exploits:

Similar to Ark: Survival Evolved’s bounty program, Funcom has introduced a cash-powered vehicle for tracking down exploits in their Early Access survival game, Conan Exiles.


Funcom says it’s looking for “Serious exploits which can be used in online play and on multiplayer servers” that give players “big advantages in the game, like duplicating items or being able to build inside mountains/rocks.” Players spotting these kinds of exploits can email the developers to provide them with the info…

$100 to $500, depending on the exploit.  First person to report gets the money. So, hey, go for it. I gotta go rescue that cute asari reporter from something or other, myself. Swear to God, no wonder the Initiative went pear-shaped…


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