Thinking of running a game at WashingCon again this year.

They seem interested enough, and I need to get out more.  As for the game; Green Ronin is a sponsor this year, and it turns out that they do the Dragon Age RPG.  I’m not committing to running a game in that, but I ordered the core book because I’ve been looking for an excuse to pick it up. But I could also run 7th Sea, Unknown Armies, or Delta Green. Or, shoot, GURPS or In Nomine. I can easily run adventures in those last two systems without any prep time at all. I will have to think about it.

All of this means, by the way, that if I do run a game for WashingCon I’m going to probably do an online playtest.

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  • jackson6644 says:

    Am tempted to run a DG game where the players are given secret orders in advance to basically not trust one another. Music From a Darkened Room would be the perfect scenario to run with it.

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