Survival (Mundane) [GURPS 4e]

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Survival (Mundane) [Per/Average]

Defaults: Perception-5, Occultism-3, or Urban Survival-4


This skill counts as a ‘land’ skill in terms of determining defaults (at -6) from other Survival specialities.  It is generally learned by supernatural creatures, monsters, extra-dimensional visitors, or anyone else who needs to survive in mortal or mundane environments. It is typically used to ‘blend in’ temporarily, avoid and survive areas that are dangerous to supernatural creatures, and of course figure out how to move around freely (vampires in particular often use this skill to work around the ‘cannot enter unless invited’ problem).  Mortals can learn the skill, but mostly just to teach it.

Note: Survival (Mundane) is an emergency skill. For long term survival, use Diplomacy, Savoir-Faire, Cultural Familiarity, and avoid the more sociopathic mental Disadvantages.


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