Mads Mikkelsen is interested in doing Fox’s Doctor Doom movie.

I assume that you all know the immediate problem with that, yes?  That’s right!  It’d require that Fox do a Doctor Doom movie.  GeekTyrant is excited about this, on general principles; and I’m not saying that Mads Mikkelsen couldn’t do a good job as Doctor Doom.  He absolutely could. I just don’t see how Fox can be relied upon to produce a decent Doctor Doom flick.

Also… who would Doctor Doom be facing in a standalone villain flick?  The Fantastic Four are owned by Fox, but they suck at making F4 movies. This is known.  The future of the X-Men is kind of up in the air right now, and they’re not really associated with Doom anyway.  Spider-Man is owned by Sony, and in the loving embrace of the MCU right now.  The Avengers are MCU (Fox should make a deal with Marvel/Disney), and Namor is apparently back at Marvel (Fox should make a deal with Marvel/Disney), and Squirrel Girl* always was Marvel’s (FOX SHOULD MAKE A DEAL WITH MARVEL/DISNEY).  I will freely admit that I may be missing somebody, but that sounds like most of the major heroes associated with Doctor Doom.

And if he doesn’t have a worthy opponent, well: what’s the point? Doom would just be this guy in a permanent metal suit who is almost as competent as he thinks that he is.  This is not exactly exciting cinema.

Moe Lane

*Also: you can have a movie where the villain wins, or you can have a movie where Squirrel Girl is your opponent. You are not allowed to have both.  It’s one of the more obscure laws of physics, sorry.

4 thoughts on “Mads Mikkelsen is interested in doing Fox’s Doctor Doom movie.”

  1. Who does he fight? Why, that is simplicity itself. How about he fights SATAN HIMSELF for the SOUL OF HIS DEAR MOTHER. Perfectly canonical with the comics, and it would be quite satisfying to see the Lord of the Flies soil himself at the news that Doom is coming for his red rosy butt.

      1. …mmmmaybe?

        Nah, probably not. But wouldn’t it be nice? Get James Mangold to do a ‘3:10 to Yuma’ style movie about how even Bad Men Love Their Mommas. Dang, gives me chills just thinkin’ about it.

        But yeah, they’d probably mess it all up.

  2. The solution is obvious:

    While fleeing from his recent defeat by Sir Cannot Appear In This Film, Doom crashes his conveyance somewhere in the Savage land, and must survive being hunted by Ka-Zar until he is rescued by some other, even more obscure Marvel villain to set up a sequel that will merge elements of Suicide Squad with motifs drawn from the rich universe of Despicable Me.

    I can get started on that screenplay at a time of your convenience, Fox.

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