NaNoWriMo, Day 30: 2159/44006.

It is not done.  But it is almost done.  There are in fact about six thousand words left in the story, because we have gotten to the point where the nature of the final strike will be revealed to our heroes, and they will go out to thwart it.  Plus an epilogue.  In other words, the goram thing will be done by Sunday and I am not feeling bad about it in the slightest. 44K and almost done for a first try is respectable. Besides, it’s not like I get any prize money if I got to 50K.

So there it is. I finish the book, resolutely not look at it for a couple of days — I said a month, but that’s ridiculous.  The point is to get this puppy into publication shape, so that’s what’s going to happen — and then we go on with the process. And have things get a little more back to normal around here.

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