Another ‘Black Panther’ trailer drops.

Excuse me while I be slightly male: there is something incredibly hot about a tall, lithe woman in a red dress who knows how to use a goram quarterstaff. I could watch quarterstaff battles in nightclubs all day. Or at least for the seven minute extended scene that I know is going to show up in the Black Panther movie, and that’s all right with me.

So, yeah, it looks like it’s gonna be Good Prince vs. Bad Prince for the throne of the Magic Kingdom, based on what we’ve seen so far. Mind you, if you’ve watched the Infinity War trailers you already know who won — which would be spoiler-y of me if it wasn’t already obvious who was going to win.  You could easily make an excellent movie where the Bad Prince wins, but Marvel/Disney would rather saw off their left foot than do that in this franchise.  There’s a lotta money on this particular table. Nobody’s gonna do any thing stupid, this go-round.

I’m cool with that, by the way. There is room in my heart for all sorts of movies, particularly including the glorious popcorn spectacle that is the MCU. I don’t need this one to be a searing indictment of contemporary society, or whatever. Gimme a good guy to root for and I’m happy.

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  • jeboyle says:

    Ditto as regards to the woman in the red dress and having a good guy to root for. I want these movies to entertain, and the MCU has been doing a pretty good job.

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