KFC/Taco Bell partners with Grubhub for delivery, Immanentizing the Eschaton.

Yea, verily, this is a sign of the End Times: “On Thursday, Yum Brands — the parent company of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut — announced it had entered into a partnership with delivery company Grubhub. The chains’ franchisees will work with Grubhub to roll out online ordering for pickup and delivery in thousands of locations in the coming months.”  Why? Well, it’s not that creating this service will go a long way towards removing one of the few remaining reasons why people will leave the house voluntarily.  It’s not because turning Grubhub into a monopoly-seeking and potentially obnxiously-ubiquitous service might be on the horizon. It’s not even that if McDonald’s attempts to use Uber to deliver Big Macs fail then my legacy stock in the company might take a nosedive.

No, it’s because this isn’t Popeyes.  I could go for some Popeyes chicken right now, in fact. Or maybe Pollo Campero, which is amazingly good and you should be thankful if you have one of those in your area.


  • Compound says:

    As a sometimes GrubHub driver, anything that minimizes my chances of having to deliver downtown is something that I approve of. Because those idiots down there don’t seem to understand the whole “it costs us money and a lot of time to park down there and you tip less than they do in the ‘burbs” thing.
    And, for those keeping track, McDonalds is UberEats, Wendy’s is doordash.
    And those in the Denver area craving chicken? White Fence Farms. Generous portions, always fresh out of the cooker when we pick it up and it smells delicious.

  • UnmovingGreatLibrary says:

    There was once a time, long ago, that there was a KFC around here that delivered like a pizza or Chinese place would. Then they stopped.
    Clearly, they were merely ahead of their time.

  • Gnarledhotep says:

    A post about Taco Bell delivery and a post about Speedy Gonzales’ drug message back-to-back. Interesting … coincidence. 🙂

    • nicklevi86 says:

      Don’t forget the GirlScouts cookie-mongering outside… places. There is a certain theme emerging.

    • nicklevi86 says:

      No… hold the phone. The real money will come when Weed-delivery itself becomes a thing. Run combo deals: Edibles *and* munchies. The business plan practically writes itself!

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Oh I’m too old, too married, and have too many kids for that sort of thing. 🙂

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