Tweet of the Day, Seriously, They Made The Rules edition.

This may be the only 2018 Winter Olympics post I make, so savor it.

Elizabeth Swaney wanted to be in the Olympics, but she doesn’t have the skill for it. At least, the skiing skill. What she does have is a remarkable ability to game the system: Swaney competed as a member of the Hungarian team and carefully spent the last few years taking advantage of rules designed to keep top-ranked countries from simply taking all the available freestyle skiing slots. She made it to the qualifying runs, came in dead last, but she did get to ski in the Olympics, and they’re now going to close the loophole which she exploited so carefully.

That last part is the one I admire most. I mean, I respect people who can ski well; I’ve done it enough to know how hard it can be.   But (hypothetically) getting a rule named after you? That’s respectable, too.  In it’s way.

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  1. Junior Cat and I have decided that, if we had one wish, we’d make “Magic: The Gathering” (or equivalent) a mandatory class in middle school .. because it’s one of the best ways to teach rules-lawyering and loophole-exploitation we’ve discovered.

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