Tweet of the Day, Behold The Olympian Powers of @MrT edition.

I’m not sure I’m joking.

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Tweet of the Day, Seriously, They Made The Rules edition.

This may be the only 2018 Winter Olympics post I make, so savor it.

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Pretty sweet sweep: USA takes all three women’s 100m hurdles.

That’s pretty cool.  Brianna Rollins got the gold in the women’s 100m hurdle, Nia Ali got silver, Kristi Castlin got bronze. Happened yesterday, but it’s not every day that the USA or anybody else gets all three medals in an event, so: nice.

I should note, by the way: NBC is kind of shooting itself in the foot by not making their YouTube videos embeddable. I went with the BBC link instead.

Shaunae Miller (Jamaica) wanted that gold.

How badly? Badly enough to pull what my wife called a ‘Lightning McQueen.’ To whit: Shaunae Miller dived across the finish line in the woman’s 400m to get the gold.

I’m not gonna lie: I respect that. It’s a total player-character move. Also, personally risky, so there’s that, too.

Simone Biles gets fourth gold medal, fifth Olympic one.

Women’s floor exercise, and I believe that that will do it for Simone Biles. She had a heck of an Olympics, didn’t she? …And subtract one small bobble and it would have been five golds instead of four golds, and one bronze. Such are the vagaries of fluctuations in the space-time continuum, apparently.

I should also note the other four members of the American ‘Final Five” women’s gymnastic team: Gabby Douglas (1 gold), Laurie Hernandez (1 gold, 1 silver), Madison Kocian (1 gold, 1 silver), and team captain Aly Raisman (1 gold, 2 silver).  That’s a really nice score to rack up, particularly since only two people per country could compete in the individual event finals. And by ‘really nice’ I mean ‘impressive as hell.’ Thanks, team.


Simone Biles takes bronze in balance beam.

Which is a pity.  On the other hand: Sanne Wevers (gold, Netherlands) and Laurie Hernandez (silver, USA) probably aren’t complaining about them both getting to join a fairly exclusive club today.  Which is, of course, the club of people who have beaten Simone Biles in a gymnastics contest when Biles was in full possession of her powers. That’s not a bad brag, really. Certainly I couldn’t do it.

As to the overall score… we’re continuing to romp. And we’re going to start running out of Olympics, soon.  Dramatic, this is not. Pleasant, but not dramatic.

Simone Biles gets third gold medal.

This time for vault. Simone Biles is now in the not-actually-enviable position of knowing that, should she merely get four out of five gold medals this Olympics, people will be wondering if she cracked a little under the pressure. That scenario looks kind of unlikely – at this point, Ms. Biles is getting scored virtually on the exact placement of her outermost molecules on the mat – but it’s weird how expectations can shift, no?

In other news: we’re comfortably ahead on medals, but Usain Bolt beat us on the 100m. …I can live with that.

Simone Biles demolishes so-called ‘jinx’ with 2nd gold medal in gymnastics.

Apparently, there was some sort of rule that gymnasts who were reigning women’s all-around world champions don’t get Olympic gold in that event. Simone Biles demolished that today: which makes sense, because it wasn’t a rule at all: it was a statistical quirk. At this point, with two gold Ms. Biles has won the Olympics; all that remains is to see how many more she can bring home to Texas.

Watch this video fast, before they take it down:

Olympic update.

We are still comfortably ahead of everybody else, and the Nice Countries are dominating the Top Ten.  Which is how it should be.  Mind you, I have absolutely no idea who won medals today, but the important thing is that we keep getting more medals than Russia and the People’s Republic of China combined. Or at least that we stay in first place.

So, remember.  Every time one of our people brings home Bronze or Better, an autocratic bureaucrat cries.  Make it rain, Olympians.

I’m actually following the Olympics vicariously this year!

Not watching any of the events, but: we’re ahead of the People’s Republic of China, which pleases me greatly.  Also, I am hearing that American Simone Biles is well on her way to mega-Olympic stardom in the field of gymnastics this year, which maybe I will try to catch if I can. It’s nice to be present for once-in-a-generation athletes, which Ms. Biles apparently is.  Besides, the team apparently kicked Russia’s zhopa today, which also pleases me greatly. Can’t say I miss the Cold War, but the international sporting events were more entertaining when we were up against countries worth humiliating.