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Dehydrated Water


(Blame this.)


Amazing what you can sell in this materialist – skeptical culture of ours; and right out in the open, too. You can get cans of Dehydrated Water even today, and they’ll sell it to you with a wink and a smile. It’s a ‘novelty,’ you see. The five bucks a can is all part of the ‘joke.’ Really and truly.  And it is a joke: there’s nothing inside the can. After all, what else can you get when you take away all the water from water?  

Well, you get the idea of water.  Which ghosts can in fact drink.  And they will happily drink it.  It’s even better than blood! — At least, that’s what the spirits from cultures with blood-drinking ghost legends say. The ghosts from other cultures find the idea of drinking blood as revolting as living people do, honestly.


In game terms: an unopened can of Dehydrated Water is worth +3 on a reaction roll with any ghost. The can has to be opened and the ghost be allowed to ‘drink’ it for the reaction bonus to take effect.  That one particular ghost will continue to react at +1 to whoever gave it the drink, too. No sense making enemies among the useful living, right?


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