So. Conan Exiles launches May 8.

GameTyrant reminds me that Conan Exiles is dropping in about three weeks:

I bought it in Early Access, and I’ve put the game on the back burner until launch because I’ve done all the wandering that I was going to do and have put houses pretty much everywhere. I assume that it’ll all go away once the game itself comes out and they wipe the servers, so why fiddle with my dollhouses? I’m going to be starting from scratch anyway.

And, to be honest: I’m not going to get everything out of this game that can be gotten.  It is fundamentally a PvP survival game with people coming by regularly to loot your stuff: I will be mightily surprised if there’s a “real” PvE quest involved.  I assume that my game play will involve downloading all the gear and clutter mods I can, so that I may create the prettiest dolls and the most elaborate dollhouses of the Hyborian Age.  I’m fine with that.  Particularly since Conan Exiles kept FunCom alive long enough to reboot Secret World Legends, which has finally given me new post-Tokyo content so there we are.  Worth my money right there, it was.

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  • junior says:

    It looks like the “Purge” will at least give PvE focused players a reason to focus on building up the defenses in their keeps – unless they turn it off, of course.

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