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Thoppers [TL 3+3]


Thoppers are what you get when the principles of magic are developed in the Middle Ages, and then used as an energy source during the equivalent of the Industrial Revolution.  In this case, the energy source is a modified version of the Air-Golem spell, magically engineered to produce a lot of force in a small area. Regular engineers used this to make ornithopters a viable form of locomotion: by the time TL 3+3 rolled around, two-man ‘thoppers’ were increasingly available to the public.

Thoppers don’t fly very high — no more than two or three feet above any terrain — and are absolutely dependent on a normal or higher mana level in order to function, but kids love them. As do bushwackers, highwaymen, minions, mercenaries, freebooters, pirates, filibusters, saboteurs, gothicks, bandits, murderhobos, bootleggers, anarchists, desperados, smugglers, miscreants, thugs, mugs, and every single one of the various law enforcement organizations dedicated to stopping such blights on decent society.  As one might imagine, the thopper is heavily romanticized in the cultures where it appears.

Stats: use the Hvy. Bike (GURPS Campaigns, page 464) stats, with the following changes; skill is Pilotiing (Vertol), Occ is 2, Range is -, Cost is $10K, Stall is 0, and thoppers treat all terrain as Average.

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