Pollocobras [The Day After Ragnarok].

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Cygnus columbianus malumultra

[The Day After Ragnarok]


This monstrosity from northern Mexico used to be the humble tundra swan, until venom from the Serpentfall turned it into a rapacious flying nightmare with the instincts of a locust. While pollocobras are still herbivores, a flock of them can clean out a field of grain within hours — and they spit gobs of poisonous mucus at anyone who interferes with them. Or otherwise annoys pollocobras, which can include simply being in the same county with one.  

The Texans sometimes call pollocobras ‘Stuka swans,’ after their habit of diving on fields in organized flocks from several miles up; many farmers in the Southwest USA and northern Mexico have grown to dread the distinctive whistle of the pollocobras’ wings as they descend. Eradicating pollocobra nests is one of the few things that Texas and Mexico will cooperate on; the creatures are even worse than uncorrupted wild boar, which is saying a lot. Some industrious adventurers have even begun trying to get two bounties on the same pollocobra head, which has led to a couple of humorous episodes — and rather more furious warrants sworn out for fraud.


Stats: Use the stats for the fly-by-night (page 88 of The Day After Ragnarok), but replace Fighting with Shooting and use only the following special abilities:


  • Armor: +1, +2 for the head and neck.
  • Flight: Pace 12, Climb 5. Pollocobras regularly combine a Power Dive with its poison attack
  • Poison Mucus: Rate of Fire 1, Poisonous (-2, loss of one Vigor die, Immediate Exhaustion)


A flock of pollocobras typically numbers between 6 and 15.


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