The ‘Aquaman’ trailer.


Aquaman, too, has bright colors.  And a lot of stuff going on at once, apparently.  It looks like a rather busy movie, but it also might be a bit more relaxed in tone than the rest of the DCEU thus far.  …Am I being overly hopeful? Maybe. I want the DCEU to work rather badly.  I was raised on the Justice League, and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman was a pleasant surprise, so I may be biased. Still: It May Not Suck.


  • Compound says:

    “Okay, I’ve seen other people react to this character showing up in the trailer. Okay, there he is. Not quite sure why… oh. Oh, yeah. Okay. ”
    I’m a DC fanboy as well, but I’ll just shake my head if Aquaman ends up being the thing that revitalizes the DC movies. Outrageous.

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