In the Mail: “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen?”

My wife mentioned the “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen?” comic to me because she saw a couple of pages from it online, and it looked very, very weird. So I ordered it. I finished it this morning.

And indeed! It is very, very weird. Funny weird, and heavily leaning into the way Jimmy Olsen has the Weirdness Magnet disadvantage at remarkable levels. It’s also entertainingly cranky about the way that online media is screwing up newspapers’ very existence, although possibly it’s entertaining me in a different way than was originally intended. Either way, check it out.

Moe Lane

PS: The people who made this don’t make fun of the old-school Superman, although they do have some jokes at the modern Batman’s expense.

Yeah, don’t expect to see the BATGIRL movie any time soon.

It’s the last three words here that are relevant:

“I saw the movie,” said [DC Co-Chairman/CEO Peter] Safran, “There are a lot of incredibly talented people in front of and behind the camera in that film, but that was not releasable. It happens sometimes.”

Bolding mine. “Not releasable” is bad* enough, because it’s a more polite way to say BATGIRL was so radioactive, we sent it over to the Department of Energy for disposal. “It happens sometimes” is even worse, because the subtext there is The discussion’s over on this, folks. Seriously, BATGIRL must be at BATMAN AND ROBIN levels…

Moe Lane

*Well, ‘bad’ for anyone who wanted to see this flick. I’m ready enough to believe that a studio executive might be able to recognize a stinker on sight.

Tweet of the Day, What Blackmail Does James Gunn HAVE? edition.

(H/T: @bendreyfuss) My mouth got more and more open, the longer the video went.

There’s, two, three projects on there that I never would have believed they’d let James Gunn do. And yet. And yet.

Gonna go see BLACK ADAM this afternoon.

Everybody’s feeling better and I could frankly use a couple hours off. BLACK ADAM promises to be – well, not mindless entertainment. But I’m not going in expecting any Deep Thoughts*.

Moe Lane

*Although one of the things that strikes me now about SHAZAM! was how there was a surprising amount of dark, down there in the subtext. The worldview is surprisingly stark, not to mention Manichean. It ain’t easy to be good, and there’s virtually no mercy shown to those who fall too under the sway of evil. …I guess it really is a kid’s movie, then. Children aren’t exactly what you’d call nuanced about this stuff.


Hrm. I’m going to see BLACK ADAM anyway…

…but it’s a little surprising to see Sonny like BLACK ADAM. I’m used to him not liking stuff I like. I’m also surprised that they had to cut it down to keep the PG-13 rating. I was expecting something a little more inherently SHAZAM!-friendly.


Tweet of the Day, Counterpoint On The BATGIRL Thing edition.

I have a prophecy*.

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HARLEY QUINN apparently surviving Warner Bros’ Culling Moon?

In case you’ve missed it: this has not been a great time to be a content provider for DC comics (and shows). A new broom has arrived, and its bristles are made out of barbed wire. Lots of projects have been, canceled, finished, and in one particular case, buried alive. For those unfamiliar with this sort of thing, this is what the end of a boom cycle looks like. Product that would have been kept around in more cash-flush times will get the ax, and there’s no ruthless like entertainment company ruthless. This is simply the way of it*.

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