The ‘Bats is Bats’ THE BATMAN trailer.

For the record: a crazy Batman is fine. Not least because there’s been damn few depictions of Batman where he wasn’t more or less insane. This one is no worse that his predecessors, really. Although I suspect that the last movie he and his parents saw was probably THE CROW, and that’s just fine with me.

Via GeekTyrant.

Finally figured out what’s been bothering me about the latest Batman designs.

And it’s always the same thing:

You can’t see the dang symbol in the dark. As Frank Miller’s Batman once famously pointed out, he wears a big target on his chest because he can’t armor his head. (I even think they referenced that here.)

Moe Lane

PS: As I have noted before, I am tentatively down for Violent Goth Batman. It’s a legitimate take on the character. Annnnnd… dammit, they’re still not doing a animated version of THE DOOM THAT CAME TO GOTHAM. What, DC doesn’t like money?

Penguin to be main villain for The Batman?

It ain’t really Tweet of the Day territory, but it’s interesting.

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