BLUE BEETLE production worried that calling Batman a fascist in the trailer…

might impact ticket sales:

When the Blue Beetle trailer was released, there was a bit of backlash from some DC fans over the line of dialogue, “Batman’s a Fascist.”


Director Ángel Manuel Soto and star Xolo Maridueña have responded to the backlash in an interview with MovieMaker.

I imagine that they did. For the record: I don’t actually care if one of the characters in the movie thinks that Batman’s a fascist. It’s a movie. Not everybody in that movie is going to love superheroes, or think that they’re a good thing. That line is perfectly fine.

But you don’t put it in the trailer! Especially for a movie like BLUE BEETLE, which is a roll of the damn dice for DC right now! DC’s superhero movies have been imploding left and right lately! Now is not the time to poke the fans with a stick*! They might take it as a hint to not go watch BLUE BEETLE!


Moe Lane

*Again: saying that in the movie is not necessarily poking the fans with a stick. Putting it in the trailer before they see it absolutely is.

4 thoughts on “BLUE BEETLE production worried that calling Batman a fascist in the trailer…”

  1. Hollywood doesn’t know how to dial it back. Leaving it out of the trailer would mean that the trailer would not have Maximum Impact.

    *All* publicity is good publicity. Hadn’t you heard?

    1. Re…*All* publicity is good publicity.

      Indeed, the only thing the deviant dolts who live by that manta can’t comprehend is the unstated math portion – not all publicity increases profits.
      Sure, Bud Lite’s Q score is probably the highest its ever been, did it help the bottom line?
      Blue beetle now has ‘name recognition’, and just look at these click numbers and Twitter shares and Facebook likes!… said the marketing department trying to defend another ‘unexpected’ bomb.

      1. I am in complete concurrence. The measurement systems that equate a show’s success to engagement on social media miss out that that includes “I’m not watching this” posts.

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