Thor, Steve Trevor walk out of Star Trek (rev. 2) 4 . For now.

Lemme translate that a little: Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine are both currently abandoning talks with Paramount over the fourth installment of the Star Trek reboot. Hemsworth is, of course, currently Thor in the MCU; and Pine plays Wonder Woman’s love interest somehow-in-the-sequel Steve Trevor in the DCEU.  Paramount would prefer not to pay out accordingly, particularly since Star Trek Reboot 3 didn’t do so hot.  To be honest? I didn’t see it, so I don’t know whether or not it was any good. Although the fact that I didn’t see it is maybe diagnostic, right there.

But I don’t expect this to last.  Comes right down to it, Paramount needs the actors just a bit more than the actors need to be in the next Star Trek movie. Pine is a bit less in a great place than Hemsworth is, though: this was going to be his next big blockbuster thing, while Hemsworth is going to have a new Men in Black flick with Tessa Thompson out in 2019.  And, let’s face it: having Hemsworth/Thompson with the suits and the neuralyzers and the Noisy Crickets is making me reserve judgement, pretty much in spite of myself.  All in all, I suspect that re-negotiations will resume eventually.

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Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “Thor, Steve Trevor walk out of Star Trek (rev. 2) 4 . For now.”

  1. Honestly, this Star Trek movie series probably died the minute Anton Yelchin did.

    1. It died for me the second I saw the teenage Kirk character drive a (presumably ancient artifact) Corvette off a cliff, just to see if he could jump out at the lest second. Edgy.
      Rev. 2 is not Star Trek, and I refuse to watch any more of them.

  2. “Star Trek” and “Star Trek Beyond” wasn’t bad. It was “Star Trek Into Darkness” that was terrible and killed Beyond.
    Same thing happened in Star Wars. By all accounts, the Solo movie was not half bad. However it was “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” that drove fans away.

    1. It was, indeed, not half bad. Solo was entertaining and looked at the seedy underside of the Star Wars universe the way many people wanted it to, plus it gloriously backhanded George Lucas at a certain point.

  3. Good. I thought the first of the reboot movies was acceptable, and was actually fairly Trekkian in its central time travel conceit. But the less sad about the second movie the better. In fact, even by mentioning that there was a second movie, I’ve said too much already.

  4. Karl Urban- excellent. He seems like he is actually playing the character, not the actor who played that character. As a side note, he has been good in pretty much everything I have seen him in.

    Pine and Quinto seem more like they are playing in a very high budget Saturday night live skit of the actors playing those characters.
    For some reason, they also remind me of Lewis and Martin. With Quinto playing the Dean Martin straight man to Pine’s wacky Jerry Lewis.
    Not a good recipe for high concept space opera.

    Beyond was actually much better than the other two in this regard.

  5. I enjoyed the first reboot movie. There were more connections to the TV shows before they were slowly abandoned in the next two movies.
    I didn’t dislike “Into Darkness” as much as some, but even I knew it had its flaws that kept it a merely OK movie. Cumberbatch and Peter Weller did their best but couldn’t save it from that fate.
    “Beyond” is the only Trek movie I’ve never seen all the way through. (I did watch all of Star Trek V.) When the in-flight movie stopped before landing I was relieved. It was bad.
    What Paramount did to fan films with “Axanar” was part of what drove me away, but “Beyond” was the stake to the heart of the franchise for me. (I refuse to watch STD, I mean “Discovery”)

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