Tweet of the Day, I Hope That Batwoman Costume Looks Better On The TV Screen edition.

I normally don’t say…

…but the hair doesn’t do it for me (not just the color; the way that it’s practically begging to be grabbed in a fist fight*). Neither does the unitard, which is neither practical enough to permit one to use the bathroom quickly nor tight enough for cheesecake.  Admittedly, this is always a problem in superhero movies and shows, which is why Marvel does its level best to get the Avengers out of spandex whenever possible.

But hopefully it’ll all look better in motion.  That often happens.

Moe Lane

*I know that this is fairly accurate with regard to the comics, but stuff that doesn’t seem too grating when you’re only seeing static frames can get much more so when the fight’s been going on for twenty seconds and nobody’s tried to make the obvious attack.  See also: bare midriffs, capes, and grabbing the leg that’s doing a high kick at you.

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  • 1_rick says:

    Oh man, the replies aren’t having any of it.

  • junior says:

    The hair is arranged in a way that, if it weren’t dealing with a bat cowl, would look like she’d shaved part of her head. That’s not a good look for a member of the Bat family.

    And while the last time I saw the character in the comic books was during her introductory storyline, I don’t recall her having her hair done like that back then, either.

    Fix that part of her hair, and I suspect that she’d look a lot better.

  • JustDave says:

    I feel like complaining about the practicality of superhero outfits reaches a special level of missing the entire point that we should have a special word for it. Perhaps the Japanese can help.

  • Belcatar says:

    DC’s Streaming service is rapidly filling up with programming. Perhaps the Wonder Twins have an outside shot at a half-hour sitcom.

    • Belcatar says:

      Oops. Batwoman a CW show. Apparently this one isn’t good enough for the DC streaming service. Standards, and all that.

      • DemosthenesVW says:

        The Arrowverse is plenty good, my friend.
        With the disappointing exception of Supergirl, which spent last season going all over the board.

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