Tweet of the Day, Dracula Comes To The BBC edition.

Via @GenevieveCogman.

The only way this could be more promising is if Anno Dracula was coming to the BBC, because I’ll pay for whatever streaming service that property would be on.  My GOD, but I would pay for that.  I wouldn’t even slow down as I wrote them the goram check.

Seriously. Why the hell isn’t there an Anno Dracula miniseries?  Too hard to get some of the cameo rights?

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  • nicklevi86 says:

    Could be awesome: Sherlock was good. During the same time, they completely mailed it in on Dr. Who. Are those things related? Who can say?

    • Jon says:

      If the new Who season premiere is any indication, I vastly prefer Moffat as option. I can understand why that’s not a great standard, though.

      • nicklevi86 says:

        Haven’t rushed to see the latest version with how awful the last season came out. I suspect they prioritized Sherlock and it shows.

        • Jon says:

          I watched the premiere. It was boring, amplified by self-congratulatory snippets from the actress and producers about how brave and wonderful they are.
          Naturally, the target audience (not me) was very pleased.

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