Tweet of the Day, This Gets Them Both Right edition.

Honestly, this is how I like to see both Superman AND Batman portrayed.

Only Batman can make coffee and donuts terrifying.  And, honestly: Superman simply does not work as a character if you can’t trust that he’ll use his powers responsively.  I would absolutely want him to not be able to do threatening effectively.

Moe Lane

PS: Justice League Action, apparently. It’s on Hulu, looks like.


  • junior says:

    As noted, Superman stops being Superman when he doesn’t use his powers responsibly. And then it’s a very quick slide to Injustice. As someone over at the other comicbook house is always fond of saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And Superman has lots and lots of power.

  • Jon says:

    DC Animated has got Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman so much better than WB Movies ever have.
    The CW Elseworlds had some flaws, but its portrayal of Kal was not one of them. (Even had a good reason for Black Suit Superman that I was not expecting)
    If need be you can just watch episodes 2 and 3 and get the gist (although there’s a good bit at the end of episode 1). The CW app lets you just watch the Elseworlds without having to figure out which series it was on.

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