High-Tech Field Alchemy Kits [GURPS 4e]

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High-Tech Field Alchemy Kits

Alchemy (and Herb Lore) in GURPS Magic assumes, at best, a TL of either 3 or 4.  This is reasonable; but both skills are fundamentally scientific ones, which means that there’s no reason that they cannot benefit from advances in chemistry, biology, and metallurgy.  Below are improved alchemical equipment for higher TLs, based on the information on pgs 210-212 of GURPS Magic.

  • Emergency Kit (TL5): a set of equipment made out of safety glass and stainless steel, worth $500.  10lbs. Allows alchemy to be done in the field at no penalty, provided that the alchemist has a reliable source of fire.  This becomes a +1 bonus for every full 3 TLs above 5.
  • Field Kit (TL5): more elaborate equipment, including a supply of reusable reagents, worth $2,500. 20 lb. Gives a +1 bonus to Alchemy at TL5, plus 1 for every full 2 TLs above 5.
  • Expedition Kit (TL5): functionally equivalent to the “cutting edge lab” on pg 211, with at least  $20,000 worth of equipment. 100 lbs.
  • Collated Formulary (TL6): codified and indexed analyses of various combinations of the most common alchemical materials, provided in helpful cross-indexed forms.  +1 to Alchemy/Herb Lore rolls for every 10 lbs of books. Minimum 10lb.
  • Herbal Analyzer (TL7): A set of stains and reagents that can determine if common plants have alchemical benefits.  Gives a +1 to Herb Lore rolls, but not Alchemy. Requires direct sunlight to work. 5 lb.
  • Digitized Formulary (TL8): as above, but available in various digital forms.  Gives a +(TL/4) bonus (minimum 2) to Alchemy/Herb Lore, and can act as a formulary for common Alchemical elixirs. Weight negligible.  

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