Frozen Dreams Working Draft Process, Day Nine: 11 Chapters / 24,708 Words.

Although I’m debating about splitting this last chapter of Frozen Dreams into two chapters and expanding them out a bit.  I also have to decide whether to go to a certain location.  It’s a really bad idea, but since when has that ever stopped a protagonist?


Kermie the Frog was, as his wont, stretched out in a steaming mud bath while various nubile maidens of various species poured hot water over him. His batrachian eyes focused on me and blinked once, slowly, as we made our way over the catwalk. By now I was familiar enough with him not to shudder at the two saws that made up his smile.

“Glad you could drop in, ayuh.” Kermie’s accent wasn’t like the Yankee ones in the Lore; but then, the Lore often exaggerates. “Take a chair and stay a bit.”