Frozen Dreams Working Draft Process, Day Sixteen: 20 Chapters / 46,874 words.

Easy one today; nothing really needed to be added.  But there’s at least one scene that needs to be added, probably tomorrow.  Still.  We’re close to the end of the rough draft to Frozen Dreams.


You get a lot of arrogance in Cin City, but this guy could teach workshops in it. Handcuffed to a chair, clearly telling us the bare minimum needed to keep him from being handed over to the Dominion… “Hey! Quick question: how long have you been working for Wolfie, anyway?” As his eyes flickered over to me, I shrugged. “Pretty obvious, since you didn’t start sweating up the place until after we told you the ambassador’s out of the loop in this. He clearly owns you.”

If I hadn’t thought Perez was a foreigner before, I would have now. You don’t call a New Californian a slave. But this guy actually smiled. “You could say that I was inherited from the previous ambassador’s estate,” he jeered. “Who owns you, Shamus?”

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