Item Seed: Redi-Lunches.


Redi-Lunches are self-contained, prepackaged kid’s lunches, of a type familiar to parents; they have a variety of proteins, a couple of carbohydrate options, an actually reasonable amount of vitamins, some sugars for dessert, and flavored powders for mixing with the included water bottle.  They are a little bit less expensive than their major competitor, a fair bit more nutritious, and surprisingly tasty. If Redi-Lunches were more aggressively advertised, they’d probably dominate the market. Only, the company that makes them doesn’t want to do that.

Why? Well, Redi-Lunches are produced by Pavise Foods, which is a spin-off from Pavise Strategic Solutions, which is the use-name of the corporation that is the US military’s primary contractor in counter-occult technologies. Don’t worry, Pavise is on the side of the angels.  Literal angels; they’re used to monitor compliance with the contracts, on both sides.  You’d be amazed at how few disputes arise when arbitration is handled by an angel with a flaming sword.

But I digress.  The point is, Pavise only cares that Redi-Lunches make enough money to justify selling them across the country, so that there’s no reason for people to be surprised when the food items show up in the local supermarket.  And why is that?  Because a Redi-Lunch (including the box) is ergonomically designed to be a serviceable field exorcism kit.  Even the boxes that they come in are theurgically and arcanely empowered. And, yeah, such things are necessary.  There are too many ghosts, too many Undead, and too many flat-out demons these days to keep things at the do-it-yourself level.  At some point you need to have a robust network in place that can facilitate just-in-time magical interventions on a local level.

And since Pavise has the contract to provide precisely that to the American counter-occult community, the company’s not too concerned about making Redi-Lunches so ubiquitous that somebody will start nagging them about maybe changing the ingredients.  It’s enough that the company isn’t actually losing money on Redi-Lunches. Everything else is gravy. Or at least dipping sauce; it’s amazing what that stuff does to vampires…


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