Feige: Phase 3 of the MCU ends with Spider-Man Far From Home movie. …?

I am skeptical. “During a recent interview with Bilibili, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that Phase 3 actually ends with Far From Home, saying, “It’s the end of the third phase. You’re the first person I’ve told that to.””

Why am I skeptical? Because I find it slightly difficult to believe that Feige is gonna let Sony have the final word on this phase of the MCU. Besides, what is he gonna say? Nah, brah, we wrapped it all up with Endgame so you can get off the merry-go-round now. I mean, heck, go see Spidey go smack around a dude in a silver fishbowl if you wanna, but we’re done here so it’s no skin off our nose either way.

Yeah, I just don’t see Feige being that much of a jackwagon, honestly. Marvel-Disney did real nice out of getting Spider-Man for the MCU (mind you, so did Sony), so why not do the other guys a solid and let them keep riding the rest of the wave? Because it really is no skin off of their nose either way.

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