This The Empire Strikes Back Pitch Meeting video is both fair and unfair.

It’s fair, because it’s all truthful. You don’t want to think too hard about this stuff, because movies tend to do that when you do. Most art does, in fact. Which kind of segues into why it’s unfair: Empire wasn’t trying to be brilliant cinema. It was just there to give us space battles and science fantasy laser sword fights and all sorts of adventurin’.

I’m not mad or anything; it was a funny video. But it looks like the format of the Pitch Meetings vids is set up so that it doesn’t matter whether the movie that said videos are funning on is good, or bad. I’m not sure now how down I am with that.

Moe Lane

PS: The head thing was good, though. Made it all kind of surreal. Maybe it was a tacit admission that Empire was too good to roast too much?

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  • Gnarledhotep says:

    None of the Pitch Meeting videos that I’ve seen were of movies that were trying to be brilliant cinema, so this one is par for the course. And he is right about the Battle of Hoth (and AT-ATs in general). They’re a horrible battle platform against anyone with a lick of tactical capability, but they do make good cinema.

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