Georgia Woman orders Moana themed cake, gets… you know where this is going, right?

Oh, like, wow, man. That’s messed up. But funny!

Kensli Davis’ mom had asked the Atlanta, Georgia, bakery staff to decorate it with images of the Hawaiian princess — but they misheard.

She ended up blowing out the candles on a cake emblazoned with a giant cannabis leaf, green icing and a My Little Pony-style character with red eyes and a puff of smoke from its snout.

(Via Instapundit) Fortunately for the baker, the mom had gotten a birthday cake for her adult daughter, and the Davis family found the mix-up as gut-busting hysterical as my family would have. If this baby had been uncrated for a twelve year old’s party — OK, sorry, my family would have still busted a gut laughing, particularly when my kid sister asked my dad what was wrong with Chronic Munchies’* eyes. I dunno how the Davis family would have reacted, though. Not everybody has my family’s sense of humor.

Moe Lane

PS: Why does an Atlanta bakery have stencils set up and ready to go to make pot-themed ice cream cakes? Because they do, man. It’s the year of our Lord 2019, and they just do.

PPS: There was none of the marijuana in the cake itself. Adding pot to things is an involved culinary process. Or so I have been informed.

*I dunno what the name of that pot-themed My Little Pony is. But I know it has one. Why? Because I know my species. We are a species that names.

3 thoughts on “Georgia Woman orders Moana themed cake, gets… you know where this is going, right?”

  1. I did not have a clue where that was going.
    (Shrug) l guess it’s an accent thing, because mine runs on syllable stresses and inflections. (It’s lilt instead of letter sound.) So to me, while the words have many of the same sounds, they’re a completely different shape. (If that makes any sense.)
    I can work it backward to realise that particular accent downplays the long O sound and adds extra syllable breaks, but it’s not something I would have grokked without the answer.

  2. Consider this: The mom asked for a Moana cake. That means the bakery employee took it upon herself to put that MLP pot pony on the cake. (I can’t find a definitive name for her but she was called Stoney on one forum, which is pretty lame.)

  3. Also–you mentioned a stencil, but if you zoom in on the picture you can see a checkerboard of white and gray squares. I bet the picture was grabbed off the internet–because you can find the exact same pic in an image search–and printed out, because edible printed images are a thing, and the checkerboard is how most image editing software denotes “this is a transparent area”.

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