Iadnamad [In Nomine]

Iadnamad [12pt]

Mechanics: each iadnamad acts as a skill-granting talisman/6 (the specific skill is picked during the creation process) that can only be used by a ‘regular’ human of no more than five Forces.  Every time an iadnamad is used for a skill roll it succeeds, no matter how difficult the task was; but roll against the skill anyway.  If the roll would have failed, deduct a number of hits equal to how much the iadnamad failed its roll (Strength/Agility skills do Body Hits, Intelligence/Precision do Mind, and Will/Perception do Soul) to a specific mortal sapient target (see below), also of no more than five Forces. 

If the amount of damage done would have been more than the target’s Hits of that type, the target dies.  This happens instantly, with only a literal Divine Intervention capable of preventing the death. Also, use of the Songs of Shields will block the Hit drain, thus preventing the iadnamad from working.  Other than that, it’d take the power of a Superior or a powerful Word-bound (with a germane Word) to stop the Hit drain or death from happening.

There are two kinds of iadnamad: Divine, and Infernal (ethereals cannot enchant these items). The target of a Divine iadnamad is always the actual user of the talisman, and the target of an Infernal one can never be the user: someone using an Infernal iadnamad must knowingly and deliberately designate someone else to take the damage.  Note that using an Infernal iadnamad absolutely counts as least attempting to sacrifice a human being, and that doing so in the presence of a Malakite likewise will absolutely activate their oath to not suffer an evil to live.  Also note that many angels consider the use of a Divine iadnamad to be only a half-step up from a deliberate suicide attempt. Or at least evidence of having reckless disregard for one’s personal safety.

Base cost: 12 points. The trading of Hits for skill bonuses is considered to be a special effect, and thus justifying no extra or reduced cost.

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