6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, This May Be The Dumbest Thing You See All Morning edition.”

  1. 1. Inflatable tent structure? So it can spring a leak at night collapse on top of you and trap you inside? While on the water? What if you get a leak in the tent structure and the boat part? Death Trap?
    2. Better hope your anchoring holds through the night, else you might wake up… elsewhere. But I hear night trips through the rapids are killer, so there’s that.
    3. Who is this product for? What problem does it solve? Novelty campers? People with more money than sense?

      1. A boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into.
        I can see the appeal.
        Moving water under an air mattress would help you stay nice and comfortable. No rocks, and built-in cooling? Nice.
        I just can’t overlook the stupidity.
        Escaping from a waterlogged sleeping bag, and a collapsing tent, in the dark, awakening in a panic, in a situation where concepts such as “up” and “down aren’t immediately discernable?
        Nightmare scenario, on the rocks.

  2. You go in the Tent.
    Tent goes in the water.
    Alligator in the water.
    Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish Ladies…

  3. .. this is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve seen all week.
    If you’re rural enough that the two-legged predators won’t bother ya, you’re rural enough the four-legged and *no*-legged ones will.
    Snakes .. they hang out in trees some .. and every year, some fisherperson gets a new horror story about “the snake dropped into my boat!” ….

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