I have a counter-fan theory on the Gosling/Waititi lunch. [UPDATED.]

[UPDATED: God damn but that’s embarrassing. Lemme wash this egg off my face, and thanks to Constant Reader Zamoose for catching that. Still: Taika Waititi doing a Deadpool flick? That’d be awesome, right? – ML]

First off, though: Ryan Gosling and Taika Waititi, as GeekTyrant itself admits, probably had lunch together because it was Waititi’s birthday. Hey, happy birthday, Taika Waititi! Many happy returns.

Anyway, GeekTyrant would like this to be really about Deadpool being in the next Thor movie. Which… does not work for me, sorry. Wrong theme and style for what Waititi seems to be aiming at in his Thor flicks. I mean, sure, trippy and stuff, but Deadpool is later-day trippy and a good deal more violent than the Jack Kirby vibe Waititi’s going for.

On the other hand? I’d watch a Deadpool flick directed by Waititi. Because he’d go nuts with the source material, embrace the weird, maybe make Vanessa Dea… oh. Oh, my, yes, that would fix the major complication from the last Deadpool really, really nicely. And I’d double watch that movie, then.

But it was probably just a birthday lunch.

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