Quote of the Day, HAHAHA Wait, Kevin, Are You Being Serious? edition.

Lord love ya, Kevin Feige, but the answer to this: “How do we elevate [DEADPOOL 3] in the way we’ve been able to with Civil War, and Infinity War and Ragnarok?” is… you don’t. Nobody wants an elevated Deadpool. They want a Deadpool that’s mostly the same Deadpool, but with different sh*t going on. You’ll be cramming mutants into the MCU, Kevin Feige. That’s elevated enough.

Remember: this is what you’ll be working with. NSFW, mind you.

Deadpool officially joins the Mouse.

This should be entertaining:

Just two months after setting Bob’s Burgers alums The Molyneux Sisters as the writers for the highly-anticipated third installment in the Ryan Reynolds-fronted franchise, Kevin Feige has confirmed in an interview with Collider that Deadpool 3 will not only be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but will keep the R-rated tone of the first two films.

That’s more or less everything. How the hell they’re going to cram Deadpool and the X-Men into the MCU is… not my bloody problem, is it? I’m sure they’ll work it all out in the end. Or perhaps they won’t even bother to explain. I mean, shoot: comic book movies.

Hrm. Tim Miller wanted the Thing, Copycat for DEADPOOL 2.

Interesting. But also, well, let’s face it: neither are those are actually unworkable, right? [SPOILERS] Neither Juggernaut nor Vanessa were dead at the end of the film (frankly, only a movie like DEADPOOL 2 could possibly get away with the latter), so bring in the Fantastic Four for DEADPOOL 3. Or maybe Ryan Reynolds could threaten to do that, just watch his new corporate overlords’ faces all congeal in horror. I’d pay cash money to see that pitch meeting, ya, you betcha.

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I have a counter-fan theory on the Gosling/Waititi lunch. [UPDATED.]

[UPDATED: God damn but that’s embarrassing. Lemme wash this egg off my face, and thanks to Constant Reader Zamoose for catching that. Still: Taika Waititi doing a Deadpool flick? That’d be awesome, right? – ML]

First off, though: Ryan Gosling and Taika Waititi, as GeekTyrant itself admits, probably had lunch together because it was Waititi’s birthday. Hey, happy birthday, Taika Waititi! Many happy returns.

Anyway, GeekTyrant would like this to be really about Deadpool being in the next Thor movie. Which… does not work for me, sorry. Wrong theme and style for what Waititi seems to be aiming at in his Thor flicks. I mean, sure, trippy and stuff, but Deadpool is later-day trippy and a good deal more violent than the Jack Kirby vibe Waititi’s going for.

On the other hand? I’d watch a Deadpool flick directed by Waititi. Because he’d go nuts with the source material, embrace the weird, maybe make Vanessa Dea… oh. Oh, my, yes, that would fix the major complication from the last Deadpool really, really nicely. And I’d double watch that movie, then.

But it was probably just a birthday lunch.

Disney/Marvel considering a split personality Deadpool.

The question is apparently whether they can get away with a Deadpool that’s R-rated on his own, and PG-13 when he’s in the MCU. …Ah. Yes? Just tell Ryan Reynolds that he can crack wise about the restrictions onscreen at least once per MCU movie. And then everybody else will ignore it, because Deadpool is this crazy guy who thinks that he’s in a bunch of movies. This is part of the Deadpool brand, remember? They can lampshade any damned thing that they want, just by having it come out of the Mouth of the Merc.

Honestly, this isn’t really rocket science.

I would not be really down with a HYPOTHETICAL Deadpool/Spidey MCU movie.

Despite GeekTyrant’s reaction to the possibility. Wouldn’t really work, anyway. Spider-Man is still Sony, even if Deadpool is Disney/Marvel now; and I cannot imagine that Ryan Reynolds and his crew are going to be willing to do the PG-13 version that Sony would expect*. And, comes right down to it: the tone would be off. On both sides. I don’t know what the hell Spider-Man would do with a Deadpool. Shoot, I don’t know what Deadpool would do with a Spider-Man, and neither would he.

Mind you, if they want to release Deadpool Rifftrax or something to MCU and Spider-verse flicks, well, I could be down with that.

Moe Lane

*Neither side would wrong, by the way. Sony is doing well for itself by making Spider-Man movies that I could take my kids to see; and Reynolds et. al. are doing well for themselves by making hysterical R-rated Deadpool flicks. There’s no shame in the fact that there’s no overlap.

Tweet of the Day, And So It Begins edition.

Although Deadpool in the MCU is… currently unlikely. They need to resolve the status of the X-Men first. Still, this is no longer impossible:

Moe Lane

PS: The Deadpool movies brought in almost 800 million apiece worldwide, off of 58 million and 110 million dollar production budgets. The Mouse can do math.

Date critical for the survival of the MCU set for July 27th.

That being the date of a shareholders’ meeting:

21st Century Fox set July 27 as the new date for a special meeting of its stockholders to consider the sale of many of its film and television assets to The Walt Disney Co.  The Fox board today recommended that its shareholders vote in favor of the enhanced $71.3 billion offer from Disney, which [June 27th] won U.S. antitrust approval.

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[Josh] Brolin to star as Cable for Deadpools II – V.

Well, strictly speaking they’ve just signed [Josh] Brolin to play Cable in Deadpool 2, and he’s got a four picture deal accordingly.  If the Deadpool series starts tanking then that’s that.  On the other hand… since Deadpool is pretty much the only non-MCU, but Marvel-derived project that isn’t collapsing under the weight of its own suckitude*, there’s a pretty good chance that Brolin’s going to be wearing that costume in a bunch of movies. Assuming that Deadpool doesn’t go running for the MCU.

Which they may not want to do.  The MCU is owned by the Mouse, after all.  The deal that would be have to be made to get Deadpool working with Disney is kind of frightening to contemplate.

Moe Lane

UPDATE: I was distracted by the smell of tasty, tasty chicken-under-a-brick.  As Constant Reader Canthros in comments noted: Josh, not James.

*Spider-Man no longer counts. Unless Homecoming sucks.  Please, God, don’t let it suck.